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.HXX File Extension

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File TypeC++ Source Code Header File

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This file is saved in a plain text format. You can open and view the contents of this file using a text editor.


Source code header file written in the C++ programming language; may include data types, constants, variables, and other definitions; used for declaring and storing reusable components of code.

More Information

HXX files can be inserted into a C++ program using the #include directive. For example, #include myHeader.hxx instructs the C++ compiler to include "myHeader.hxx" into the current program file.

NOTE: C++ header files are more commonly seen with the .HPP extension.

Programs that open HXX files
Microsoft Visual Studio 2015
Eclipse IDE for C Developers
Embarcadero C++Builder
Digia Qt SDK
Eclipse IDE for C Developers
Digia Qt SDK
MacroMates TextMate
GNU Compiler Collection (GCC)
Eclipse IDE for C Developers
Digia Qt SDK
GNU Compiler Collection (GCC)
Updated 10/14/2014