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.BIO File Extension

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File TypeBIOS File
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CategorySystem Files
File Format Description

BIOS file used by various PC computers; contains settings and instructions to load computer hardware; used to recognize and prime computer hardware during the booting process; stored in the computer's ROM.

BIO files are used on Windows-based computers and not on Mac computers.

Program(s) that open .BIO files
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Icon Intel Integrator Toolkit
Icon Computer BIOS manager
Icon Microsoft winhex
Updated 2/17/2010

Mudbox Bio 3D File Icon
File TypeMudbox Bio 3D File
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Category3D Image Files
File Format Description

File created by Mudbox, a 3D digital art and sculpting application; saves 3D image information in a format that is more optimized for file streaming than Mudbox's .MUD format; allows high resolution models to be manipulated more quickly in the software.

Program(s) that open .BIO files
Updated 6/4/2012

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This file is saved in a plain text format.
Therefore, you can view the contents of the file in a text editor.
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Fallout 2 Character Biography File
DeveloperBethesda Softworks Fallout 2
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CategoryGame Files
File Format Description

Character biography file used by Fallout 2, the second installment of the role-playing video game series; contains biographies for the 3 starting characters that can be chosen in the character creation stage.

BIO files are located in the premade folder. The game does not support automatic line breaks or scrolling. Therefore, if you edit the file, be sure to keep each line from exceeding 26 characters and do not add more than 22 lines of content.

NOTE: BIO files can be opened with text-editing programs, such as WordPad.

Program(s) that open .BIO files
Updated 8/5/2014