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.ADF File Extension

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ACT! Data File Icon
File TypeACT! Data File
DeveloperThe Sage Group
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CategoryDatabase Files
File Format Description

Database file created by ACT!, a customer relationship management (CRM) application; contains customer contact data such as names, email addresses, business information, and the relationship history; used for customer relations information in a structured format.

ADF files are saved with an .ALF lookup file, which contains metadata required to navigate, backup, and restore the ACT! database. ADF files may also be archived within ACT! database backups, which use the .BAK extension.

NOTE: ADF files use Microsoft SQL Server formatting and are similar to .MDF files.

Program(s) that open .ADF files
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Sage ACT Icon Sage ACTExternal Link
Updated 12/17/2010

Amiga Disk File Icon
File TypeAmiga Disk File
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CategoryDisk Image Files
File Format Description

Disk image created on an Amiga system; stores an exact copy of an Amiga-formatted disk in fixed-width AmigaDOS data tracks; can be mounted as a physical disk using an Amiga emulation program.

ADF files can be created on a Windows PC using ADF Opus.

Program(s) that open .ADF files
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Icon unADFExternal Link
Icon E-UAEExternal Link
Updated 5/16/2014

Generic Icon
File TypeESRI ArcInfo Binary Grid Format
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CategoryGIS Files
File Format Description

Internal raster data format used by ESRI products such as ArcGIS, ArcView, and ArcInfo Workstation; stores spatial data as a binary grid (rows and columns of cells) and is one of several ADF files that together comprise the total grid; used to represent geographical or other spatial objects such as maps and map features.

An ArcInfo binary grid can contain multiple raster layers, forming a layer stack. This can be used to overlay different views on surfaces and perform statistical analysis on the spatial data.

ADF files can store metadata about the raster set or actual raster data. When you create a binary grid, the files named dblbnd.adf, hdr.adf, sta.adf, vat.adf, and w001001x.adf provide metadata about the raster grid, while the file w001001.adf contains the actual raster data. These files are typically separated out into their own folder so that they are easy to manage as an entire grid coverage set.

Program(s) that open .ADF files
Updated 4/11/2013