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Apple iBooks

(as of 1/28/2016)

Software Overview

Main Features

  • Supports EPUB, PDF, and IBA formats
  • Allows you to customize the font, text size, page layout, lighting, and more
  • Organizes e-books by title, author, category, and series
  • Lets you share quotes to Facebook and Twitter

Apple iBooks is an app used to read e-books. It is bundled with Mac OS X and iOS devices.

The app supports the popular EPUB and PDF e-book formats as well as the proprietary IBA iBook format generated with the iBooks Author utility. iBooks allows you to take control over your reading experience, which includes changing the font, text size, lighting conditions, page layout, and appearance of the pages. The app helps organize your e-books as you can view them by title, author, category, or series.

When you come across memorable quotes while you are reading you can easily share them to Twitter or Facebook or through Messages or email. You can sign in to iBooks with your Apple ID to retrieve past purchases from the iBooks store through iCloud and to sync bookmarks, highlights, and notes between your OS X and iOS devices.

iBooks is used by OS X and iOS users that want to read e-books on their devices. The app supports PDF and EPUB formats and allows you to customize your reading experiences. Apple iBooks is a quality app for reading e-books, which is good since it comes bundled with OS X and iOS devices.

Supported File Types

Primary file extension

.EPUB – Open eBook File

Other file extensions used by Apple iBooks 4

Supported File Types
.IBAiBooks Author Document
.PDFPortable Document Format File

Updated: January 28, 2016