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Quizzes from December, 2016

December 1GeoGebra software is used for which of the following school subjects?
December 2What file extension is used for importing EndNote citations?
December 3Which extension is used for compressed ISO disc images?
December 4What is the OpenDocument file extension equivalent to a PowerPoint template (.PPTX file)?
December 5Which software can you use to emulate console game systems on macOS?
December 6Which software can be used for audio production?
December 7Which software is used specifically for creating user manuals?
December 8Which type of user is a typical user of Quicken software?
December 9Which file extension does Microsoft Access use to prevent unwanted database modifications?
December 10Which file format is associated with eBooks?
December 11Which file extension is used to save circuit designs?
December 12What type of webpage content is specified in an HTML page's <style> tag?
December 13Which format is not a raster graphic format?
December 14Which software uses .RIFF files to save digital art?
December 15What's another name for a windows link (.LNK) file?
December 16SVG files use which format to store vector data?
December 17Markdown is used to translate marked up text into what format?
December 18Which is an open source alternative to Microsoft .DOCX files?
December 19What kind of software is Unreal Engine used to create?
December 20What kind of software does ESRI create?
December 21What do .AVERY files contain?
December 22Google replaced Eclipse with which IDE for mobile development?
December 23Which image format is not stored by Comic Book RAR (.CBR) files?
December 24The STEP format is used for what type of files?
December 25Which extension is used for CD audio track shortcuts?
December 26Which file extension is most closely associated with jQuery?
December 27Who developed the Ogg Opus audio format?
December 28Which of the following is most likely to edit a .bashrc file?
December 29ForeUI is used for what?
December 30Which software is used for writing screenplay documents?
December 31Which is not an Elder Scrolls game?