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Quizzes from November, 2016

November 1Which is not a format that Comic Life 2 exports comic books to?
November 2In what year was Yahoo! Widgets discontinued?
November 3Fedora Kickstart is used to create what kinds of files?
November 4What type of software is Zepto?
November 5Which operating system is associated with .RPM files?
November 6Which operating system is associated with .DEB files?
November 7What is a difference between .BAT and .EXE files?
November 8What kind of software is QlikView?
November 9Which of the following is an advantage of using Excel .XLSB files over .XLSX files?
November 10Which is an alternative file extension to .CPP files used for C++ source code?
November 11Which of the following is associated with WinRAR archives?
November 12Which company does not make office productivity suite software?
November 13Autodesk Inventor uses which file extension for saving parts?
November 14Which software is used for creating CAD designs?
November 15Which mind mapping software uses .IMX files?
November 16Scratch is developed by which educational institution?
November 17How many compressed archive file formats exist?
November 18What software license does the Zip format use?
November 19What type of graphic is a Piskel file?
November 20What type of software does RemObjects create?
November 21What is Xilinx software used for?
November 22What was the last Windows OS that included Microsoft Outlook Express?
November 23Microsoft replaced Outlook Express with which email software?
November 24Which optimized executable format replaced .ODEX with the release of the Android Runtime (ART)?
November 25What file extension does Apple Passbook use for iOS passes?
November 26Which company developed the AIFF audio format?
November 27Which software can be used to run Windows as an application within Windows?
November 28Who develops the Java Virtual Machine?
November 29JAR files contain compiled bytecode written in what language?
November 30What type of software is Camtasia Studio?