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Quizzes from October, 2016

October 1Which of the following is a lightweight alternative to Microsoft Word's .DOCX format?
October 2What type of file is a .B1 file?
October 3Which of the following extensions is used to store genomic data?
October 4What file extension is used for graphics in WordPerfect?
October 5By default, Quattro Pro uses which extension for spreadsheets?
October 6Which extension is used specifically for storing TopSolid drawing drafts?
October 7Nero uses which extension for CD and DVD disc images?
October 8Which is not an email file extension?
October 9Opera uses which extension for web browser extensions?
October 10What kind of instrument is most commonly used with TablEdit?
October 11TuxGuitar uses which extension for tablatures?
October 12Who is most likely to use E-Studio for experimentation?
October 13Who created the game WolfQuest?
October 14Which of the following is an esoteric programming language?
October 15Citrix Receiver uses which file extension to save virtual application links?
October 16Which file extension is not used by Ogg multimedia files?
October 17What kind of software is Microsoft Edge?
October 18What type of file is a .WOFF file?
October 19Which extension is used for firmware updates on some Samsung mobile phones?
October 20Which extension is used specifically for Excel spreadsheet templates?
October 21Which note taking software did Microsoft remove from Windows in 2016?
October 22Android developers use which language for specifying user interface layouts?
October 23Which file extension is used for preventing concurrent access to system resources?
October 24What extension does QuarkXPress use for documents?
October 25AVG is what kind of software?
October 26Which company develops language learning software?
October 27What type of software is R?
October 28What type of devices is TI-Nspire software used for?
October 29Which software is considered cloud storage?
October 30What kind of software does Symantec create?
October 31Which online storage solution is associated with .GSLIDES files?