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Quizzes from September, 2016

September 1Which software uses .ODS files as the default spreadsheet extension?
September 2Which has not been a previous name of Apache OpenOffice?
September 3What is the name of the Texas Instruments software used to connect to their calculators?
September 4What proprietary format does RAD Game Tools use for its game videos?
September 5Which Linux variant uses .PET files for install packages?
September 6What type of software is Debian?
September 7Which company develops WordPerfect?
September 8Dreamweaver is what type of software?
September 9What type of software uses meshes?
September 10The file extension .DB is short for what?
September 11Apple develops which IDE?
September 12What does "G" stand for in JPEG?
September 13Which file extension is used by TI calculators?
September 14Which compression format do comic books with the .CBR extension use?
September 15Which is not a camera raw file extension?
September 16What file extension does Adobe use for activating eBooks in Digital Editions?
September 17CyberLink WaveEditor is used to make what type of files?
September 18Which of the following database engines is most commonly used by mobile apps?
September 19RPG Maker is used to create what kind of software?
September 20What operating system is ES File Explorer File Manager developed for?
September 21What was AfterShot Pro named before Corel acquired and renamed the software?
September 22Which extension does Firefox use for browser plugins?
September 23What file extension does IMSI DesignCAD use for drawings?
September 24Safari saves webpage as local files using which extension?
September 25What file extension did Seattle FilmWorks use for images?
September 26Samsung Theme Designer creates themes for which platform?
September 27Apple's Sidecar format uses which extension for image edits?
September 28Microsoft Word is what type of software?
September 29Android creates which files in order to optimize app execution?
September 30Which of the following extensions is associated with WebEx?