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Quizzes from August, 2016

August 1What are JBIG images commonly used for?
August 2Which of the following extensions is used for storing help documentation?
August 3What is YAML used for?
August 4Which extension is most likely associated with checking software for bugs?
August 5Who is most likely to use a .FLIPCHART file?
August 6What type of file has the extension .GBLORB?
August 7What type of software is Yu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos?
August 8What type of software is WebEx?
August 9Structured Query Language (SQL) is used in which context?
August 10StuffIt was originally developed for which platform?
August 11What type of software is Rosetta Stone?
August 12What are .WOFF files used for?
August 13EMZ files store compressed versions of files with which extension?
August 14Microsoft's XPS format is used for what?
August 15Which image file extension is suitable for web graphics?
August 16What is Wondershare Filmora used for?
August 17Which company's digital cameras use the .MOS file extension?
August 18What type of software is Multisim?
August 19Which is used as an alternative to XML?
August 20Which CS Odessa product is used for brainstorming?
August 21Which was the last Windows operating system to offer Gadgets?
August 22Who uses the desktop software aSc TimeTables?
August 23What type of software uses .OFX files?
August 24Which extension is used to save Excel macro-enabled spreadsheets?
August 25Which camera manufacturer uses the .RW2 file extension for raw photos?
August 26What does "L" stand for in HTML?
August 27What type of file is an OpenStreetMap (.OSM) file?
August 28When are you most likely to encounter a .MIME file?
August 29When are you most likely to encounter an .AZW3 file?
August 30What type of data do .ODP files store?
August 31What is Apple's spreadsheet software called?