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Quizzes from July, 2016

July 1Which of the following is Axure RP used for?
July 2Which file extension is not used for WebEx recordings?
July 3Which technology is commonly used for web advertisements?
July 4What type of software are .MGOURMET4 files associated with?
July 5Which Adobe software is used to create HTML animations?
July 6What type of software is Swift Publisher?
July 7Which software is used to teach kids programming?
July 8Which of the following file extensions is used for saving webpages?
July 9Who developed the WebM video file format?
July 10What is the media player included with Windows 7?
July 11Which is not a Nintendo 64 emulator?
July 12The file extension .CFG is short for what?
July 13What version of Windows did Microsoft last offer Microsoft Plus! for?
July 14Audials One is used for doing what?
July 15What type of software is Propellerhead Reason?
July 16What was the last version of Windows to offer Microsoft Write?
July 17Which of the following operating systems uses .SYS files?
July 18Which file extension is used to save Mac OS X passwords?
July 19What type of video game data is stored by a .DEM file?
July 20The Java file extension .WAR is short for what?
July 21What is Acorn for Mac OS X?
July 22Who develops the programming language ColdFusion?
July 23PhaseOne is used for editing what types of files?
July 24pcAnywhere is what type of software?
July 25What type of file is a .7Z file?
July 26What type of file is a .ZIPX file?
July 27What type of file is a Computer Graphics Metafile?
July 28What is Luxology modo used for?
July 29What operating system is the penguin Tux associated with?
July 30What is DAZ Studio used for?
July 31Which of the following extensions is used for webpage scripts?