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Quizzes from June, 2016

June 1Which is the OpenDocument equivalent to an .XLSX file?
June 2Which extension is used for storing progress in a video game?
June 3Which company developed the programming language Swift?
June 4On which platform are .APPREF-MS files found?
June 5Which software does Adobe InCopy tightly integrate with?
June 6Which web server is most likely to host an .ASP file?
June 7Which of the following is an antivirus software company?
June 8Which file extension is used specifically by Wii homebrew developers?
June 9What do Linux kernel modules do?
June 10What is the programming language Lua typically used for?
June 11Which is an alternative to .MP3 files?
June 12Which extension is used to save presentations?
June 13What type of software is Maya?
June 14What is Microsoft Edge?
June 15What types of files does PowerISO use?
June 16Which software is not developed by Autodesk?
June 17What type of software is Microsoft PowerPoint?
June 18What is Adobe Authorware, now discontinued, used to create?
June 19Which of the following is not a mobile game?
June 20Which extension is used for files that store map data?
June 21What type of file is a .VOB file?
June 22Which Microsoft Visio file extension is used for macro-enabled drawings?
June 23Which of the following is an antivirus software company?
June 24Which of the following is not an antivirus company?
June 25Which of the following audio file types uses an open source format?
June 26Which file extension is used by Google Earth for remembering locations?
June 27Which file extension is used for storing family ancestries?
June 28Which of the following extensions is used for storing vector graphics?
June 29Which of the following video formats is open source?
June 30What is the file extension .INI short for?