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Quizzes from May, 2016

May 1Which of the following is relational database software?
May 2On which platform are .AMR files most likely to be used?
May 3What type of files use the extension .TEX?
May 4Which type of professionals use Crick Software Clicker?
May 5Avid creates what type of software?
May 6Which file extension is most likely to be used by e-reader devices?
May 7CakePHP is used for what purpose?
May 8Who is most likely to use a .UML file?
May 9What kind of files does Adobe Illustrator create?
May 10Which Microsoft application is used specifically for creating diagrams?
May 11Which type of file might contain timestamped output from a program?
May 12Who might find a MIDI file most useful?
May 13Where is an .ASPX file most likely found?
May 14Winamp is what type of software?
May 15In what year was Microsoft Visual FoxPro last updated?
May 16Archiver, developed by Incredible Bee, is what type of software?
May 17Opera uses which file extension for web browser extensions?
May 18Steam is what kind of software?
May 19What kind of data is EndNote used for saving?
May 20The Unreal Engine is used for developing what kind of software?
May 21iMovie is used for creating what?
May 22Which is not true about Parallels Desktop?
May 23BlackBerry device backups are stored using which extension?
May 24The Matroska container is associated with what types of files?
May 25Which game uses .RBXL files for saving 3D worlds?
May 26Which of the following file extensions is not used for vector graphics?
May 27What type of file is an .OPUS file?
May 28Which software is suitable for creating marketing materials?
May 29WebEx saves recordings with which extension?
May 30On which platform might you find an .ESLOCK file?
May 31Which file extension typically is not used for webpage graphics?