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Quizzes from April, 2016

April 1Microsoft Works, now discontinued, was initially released in what year?
April 2Microsoft Works was originally released for what operating system?
April 3Which format is suitable for programmatic data interchange?
April 4Which file extension is used for plain text files?
April 5CRDOWNLOAD files are created by which web browser?
April 6Most file extensions use how many characters?
April 7Which of the following is Roxio Creator not used for?
April 8Which file extension can be found in the Windows\System32\ directory?
April 9Who makes the CAD software 123D?
April 10What does the file extension .PNG stand for?
April 11Which of the following audio files would likely have the largest file size?
April 12Git is used for what purpose?
April 13WOTREPLAY files are associated with which game?
April 14Who developed the Graphics Interchange Format (GIF)?
April 15Which file extension is not used to store animated images?
April 16Which company develops Photoshop?
April 17Which manufacturer uses the .MRW extension for camera raw images?
April 18What is the software es-Builder used for?
April 19Which extension does Windows Media Player use for saving playlists?
April 20What file extension can you use to automate OS X shell actions?
April 21Which file extension is not associated with audio files?
April 22Which software uses .XLSX files to save spreadsheets?
April 23Which uses .ACCDB files for saving databases?
April 24What is CopyCatX used for on OS X?
April 25Which extension is used for Microsoft Word macro-enabled documents?
April 26What is an Event Trace Log file used for?
April 27What character delimiter is used separating fields in .TSV files?
April 28What are .LOCK files used for?
April 29What type of software is TopSolid?
April 30Which file extension is used with relational database development?