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Quizzes from February, 2016

February 1Which app can be used to read eBooks on an iPad?
February 2What is Apple iAd Producer used for?
February 3Nestopia is an example of what type of software?
February 4What does TIFF stand for?
February 5Adobe .SWF files are commonly used for what?
February 6What is the purpose of a .PIZ file?
February 7Which file format was developed by Google?
February 8PHP is most often used for developing what type of applications?
February 9TORRENT files are used for what purpose?
February 10Which is a compressed archive alternative to a .ZIP file?
February 11JavaScript is most commonly used for developing what type of applications?
February 12Which of the following is a video file extension?
February 13A .JAR file is associated with which programming language?
February 14Which operating system uses multi-language user interface (.MUI) files?
February 15Which of the following file extension is not used for OS X app installs?
February 16What type of data do .RIS files store?
February 17Which file extension is used to save small images that represent larger ones?
February 18What kind of software does Valve make?
February 19What kind of data do .WLMP files store?
February 20Which programming language's syntax is most similar to XML?
February 21What is Propellerhead ReCycle?
February 22What is Adobe SpeedGrade used for?
February 23Which extension is used for files that use file compression?
February 24What are .LNK files used for?
February 25What is a .ONE file used for?
February 26Which software is not part of Microsoft Office?
February 27Which version of Windows introduced the Windows Store app?
February 28.NET applications are commonly written in which language?
February 29What type of software is Microsoft Excel?