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Quizzes from January, 2016

January 1Maya projects use which file extension?
January 2Apple Mail saves email messages with which extension?
January 3Which of the following file extensions is used for saving images?
January 4What type of software is Avid Pro Tools?
January 5Which email client has been discontinued?
January 6A PNG file stores what type of image?
January 7BibTeX is used for storing what type of data?
January 8Which is not true about the Matroska video format?
January 9Which extension is not used by Matroska audio and video files?
January 10How is JSON useful?
January 11Celestia is used for observing what type of data?
January 12Prior to .ACCDB, what extension did Microsoft Access use?
January 13What is the purpose of .NOMEDIA files?
January 14What is the role of a plug-in?
January 15What is a software license key used for?
January 16The file extension .EXE is short for what?
January 17Which software is not used for creating digital publications?
January 18What is Thomson Reuters EndNote used for?
January 19Which is not an OpenDocument format?
January 20Which file extension can be found in the Windows\System32\ directory?
January 21Smith Micro Poser is used for what?
January 22The .OCX extension is associated with which technology?
January 23DICOM images are not used for which of the following?
January 24What type of data do .TOAST files store?
January 25Which is an example of a GIS file extension?
January 26Which is an example of an eBook file extension?
January 27Which of the following extensions is not used for a proprietary file format?
January 28Which format does not use a compressed Zip container?
January 29The .ICC file extension is associated with what type of data?
January 30Which is not true about the audio and video library FFmpeg?
January 31Which is a good reason to use the RAR format rather than Zip?