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Quizzes from December, 2015

December 1Who develops TurboTax?
December 2Which company develops OmniPage?
December 3Which software does Microsoft not develop?
December 4What type of data is stored in a .WMV file?
December 5On which operating system are you most likely to find .XPS documents?
December 6VSDX files store what type of data?
December 7Which of the following extensions is used for saving flowcharts?
December 8ROM files are typically used for what?
December 9Who develops RAD Studio?
December 10Blackmagic Design Fusion is used for creating what?
December 11What does the extension .SWF stand for?
December 12Which is an open source alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint .PPTX files?
December 13What type of file is an .FB2 file?
December 14What is Softpress Freeway Pro used for?
December 15With with software might you burn a DVD?
December 16Which of the following file types is suitable for printing?
December 17What type of file is an .MP4 file?
December 18Who might use a Gerber (.GBR) file?
December 19Which of the following is an open source alternative to Photoshop's PSD format?
December 20What software can be used for making musical scores?
December 21Which software is used for statistical analysis?
December 22Which of the following is diagramming software?
December 23Which of the following file extensions is not associated with PHP?
December 24What is Unity software used for?
December 25XAML is used for developing user interfaces with which Microsoft technology?
December 26The Helvetica typeface can be stored in a file with which of the following extensions?
December 27Windows ReadyBoost uses which extension for virtual memory files?
December 28Which is not true about .DXF files?
December 29Which is not a Nintendo 64 emulator?
December 30What type of game is Quake?
December 31In what environment is Microsoft Project most often used?