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Quizzes from November, 2015

November 1Which file extension is used for saving disk images?
November 2Which is the oldest operating system?
November 3Which software replaced Microsoft Internet Explorer in Windows 10?
November 4Which of the following is a camera raw file extension?
November 5Who uses SMART Technologies Notebook?
November 6In what year was Microsoft Windows XP released?
November 7What type of file is a .CPP file?
November 8Who is most likely to use a .PES file?
November 9Which file extension is not used to save movie subtitles?
November 10What was the last version of Adobe Creative Suite before CC?
November 11Which of the following programs is included with Microsoft Windows?
November 12NCH Switch is used for what?
November 13Microsoft Notepad is what type of program?
November 14Which extension is used to provide information about Warez software?
November 15What genre of game is World of Warcraft?
November 16What type of game is StarCraft 2?
November 17Which file extension do you find in a VIDEO_TS folder?
November 18What is the file extension .TMP typically short for?
November 19What type of file has the .DVR-MS file extension?
November 20Chrome is what kind of software?
November 21Which program was not part of Apple's iWork suite?
November 22Which file extension is used for Google Docs spreadsheets?
November 23Which of the following is a DjVu file used for?
November 24Which of the following is not an eBook file extension?
November 25Which word processor creates .WPD files?
November 26On which operating system do you find .DLL files?
November 27How many bits do PNG files use for colors, excluding the alpha channel?
November 28Which is not a vector graphic file extension?
November 29What type of file is an .EXE file?
November 30Which company develops Visual Studio?