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Quizzes from October, 2015

October 1Which of the following web browsers was released the earliest?
October 2What type of software is Adobe After Effects?
October 3Which operating system uses version names such as Ice Cream Sandwich, KitKat, and Lollipop?
October 4Manga Studio saves projects with which extension?
October 5What type of software is Visual Studio?
October 6id Software develops what type of programs?
October 7Vim is what type of program?
October 8A winmail.dat file is saved in what format?
October 9What file extension does Python use for source code files?
October 10EMZ files store what kind of data?
October 11Which software is suitable for editing images?
October 12Calibre is used for what purpose?
October 13Which of the following is not open source software?
October 14Which software can run Windows on OS X?
October 15Which of the following extensions is used for movie subtitle files?
October 16TurboCAD uses which extension to save CAD drawings?
October 17Which of the following is a video file extension?
October 18SQL Server uses which extension to store database files?
October 19Which software IDE is most commonly used to build iPhone apps?
October 20The file extension .H is short for what?
October 21Which of the following extensions is used when rendering webpages?
October 22Which platform is a Java Virtual Machine not available for?
October 23ConceptDraw is what type of software?
October 24The file extension .RAR is short for what?
October 25Which is not true about TIFF images?
October 26Which is not true about the WebP format?
October 27What kind of data do JSON files store?
October 28Which file extension is used for saving contacts?
October 29LaTeX is used for what purpose?
October 30Which company uses .AZW3 files for eBooks?
October 31The file extension .INI is short for what?