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Quizzes from September, 2015

September 1Meshes are used for what types of files?
September 2What is EnCase software used for?
September 3Adobe Digital Editions was formerly called what?
September 4With which file extension might you find EXIF data?
September 5On what day was Microsoft Windows 10 released?
September 6Inno Setup is used for building programs for what platform?
September 7What kind of data do MuseScore .MSCZ files store?
September 8What is the program Sibelius used for?
September 9What is Minecraft?
September 10What kind of software is Microsoft Word?
September 11Windows Live Movie Maker saves projects with which extension?
September 12Which of the following is not a game emulator?
September 13M3U files are used for storing what type of data?
September 14CSV files store text delimited by which character?
September 15Which extension is not used for GIS data?
September 16Which eBook extension is not used by Amazon Kindle devices?
September 17Debian is associated with which operating system?
September 18What is the last version of Microsoft Works before it was discontinued?
September 19Which program is not a game?
September 20Which of the following is a disk image file extension?
September 21Which is not associated with a high-level programming language?
September 22Gnumeric spreadsheet software is used primarily on what operating system?
September 23Microsoft ClickOnce technology uses which extension to start programs?
September 24Automator is used to automate actions on which platform?
September 25What type of file is an .AVI file?
September 26What kind of data is stored in a .P12 file?
September 27Which of the following is an extension used by compressed files?
September 28OpenDocument text files use which file extension?
September 29AutoCAD stores drawings with which extension?
September 30Which software uses .INDD files?