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Quizzes from August, 2015

August 1Which of the following file extensions is used by audio players?
August 2Which program is not developed by Google?
August 3Which program is not open source?
August 4Which of the following is a compound file extension?
August 5Which of the following extensions is associated with Yu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos?
August 6Which is Microsoft's alternative to the PDF format?
August 7A .TGZ file can also be referred to as what?
August 8Which extension is used for managing white paper citations?
August 9Which web browser generates .WEBLOC files?
August 10Which extension might be used to exchange financial data?
August 11On which operating system are you most likely to encounter .AVI files?
August 12Which file extension is not used on a DVD-Video disc?
August 13Which browser uses .OPDOWNLOAD files for partially downloaded files?
August 14Historically, which file extension was created last?
August 15Which of the following might be saved as a PDF file?
August 16APK files are saved in what format?
August 17KML files can be used for what purpose?
August 18Which of the following extensions is not used to save source code?
August 19Adobe Flash uses which extension for animations?
August 20Which file extension is used for storing comics?
August 21Microsoft SharePoint Workspace was formerly called what?
August 22Which spreadsheet software was popular before Microsoft Excel gained its popularity?
August 23Adobe Digital Editions is what type of software?
August 24Which of the following is a shell program?
August 25What was Apache OpenOffice previously named?
August 26Which of the following extensions is used for storing software activation keys?
August 27Delphi is what type of software?
August 28IML files are used by what IDE?
August 29Which is not a mobile platform?
August 30ENEX files store what type of data?
August 31Which extension is used by files that contain bank statements?