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Quizzes from July, 2015

July 1What is Adobe Encore used for?
July 2Typically, what are the first two bytes of a .ZIP file when viewed as text?
July 3Who created the Zip file format?
July 4C# uses which file extension for its source code files?
July 5Super Nintendo ROMs use which file extension?
July 6In what year are tax returns saved in .TAX2014 files submitted?
July 7Which file extension is used for XML transformation files?
July 8What type of file is an .EPUB file?
July 9Which language can be used as an alternative to Objective-C for developing iOS and OS X apps?
July 10Which of the following webpage technologies was designed for mobile devices?
July 11Which extension is not used for storing game replays?
July 12What type of software license does 7-Zip use?
July 13Before Trimble, who developed SketchUp?
July 14Which of the following formats is famously used by Doom and Doom 2?
July 15In what context are .TORRENT files used?
July 16Android is based off of what operating system?
July 17Why is the DjVu format attractive for storing documents?
July 18Which format is not used for digital comic books?
July 19JSON stands for what?
July 20Which format would likely produce the largest file size when saving the same image?
July 21What is restrictive about the use of the RAR format?
July 22Which of the following is a file extension used for multimedia?
July 23What type of program uses a .TCW file?
July 24What does DPX stand for when used in a multimedia context?
July 25Which compression format was created by Google?
July 26Which software can be used to create discrete event simulations?
July 27What are .FPBF files used for on OS X?
July 28What company develops the .NOTEBOOK format?
July 29SLDASM files primarily store what type of data?
July 30Which developer file extension is used for iOS project files?
July 31TeXworks is used for what purpose?