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Quizzes from June, 2015

June 1Which game developer uses the Mo'PaQ (.MPQ) file format?
June 2Which graphics software natively uses the .XCF extension?
June 3DTD files describe what type of document?
June 4Which Microsoft product is not offered for OS X?
June 5DVD-Video stores video using which file extension?
June 6Which of the following formats can't be saved from Microsoft Paint?
June 7The .MKV extension stands for what?
June 8SIS files are programs for which operating system?
June 9Which program uses .CVX files for saved drawings?
June 10Digital Terrain Elevation Data (DTED) files store what kind of data?
June 11JSON is used for what purpose?
June 12What is Dreamweaver used for?
June 13What are Thumbs.db files used for in Windows?
June 14What type of data is stored in a .BASH_HISTORY file?
June 15Which of the following extensions is not used to save spreadsheets?
June 16Which of the following is not an extension used by RealPlayer?
June 17What type of data does a .THEMEPACK file not store?
June 18ISO files are used to store what type of data?
June 19The .BIN file extension is short for what?
June 20Which language was not originally designed for object-oriented programming?
June 21What is the purpose of a Windows shortcut?
June 22In what year was the World Wide Web invented?
June 23The .EML file extension is short for what?
June 24Which game was not made with Crytek CryENGINE?
June 25Unreal Engine was used to create which of the following games?
June 26Which of the following Microsoft program has not been discontinued?
June 27If you are skinning a software program, what are you doing?
June 28Which graphics software natively uses the .PXM extension?
June 29Java web applications for Tomcat are distributed with which extension?
June 30Microsoft Project uses what file extension for project files?