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Quizzes from May, 2015

May 1Which of the following extensions is not stored in a plain text format?
May 2What is Microsoft Visio used for?
May 3Which of the following formats is used to run Windows programs?
May 4Which file extension does iOS use for apps?
May 5Which file extension is not associated with the Windows registry?
May 6Which of the following audio formats typically stores uncompressed audio?
May 7Unity is what kind of software?
May 8Google Chrome was first released in what year?
May 9Which of the following web browsers was released first?
May 10Microsoft Word document templates use what file extension?
May 11Which file extension cannot be used for multi-image representations?
May 12What does DLL stand for in a Windows .DLL file?
May 13Parallels Desktop uses what file extension for virtual machines?
May 14Which of the following extensions is used for Microsoft Word templates?
May 15Who developed the LIT eBook format?
May 16What are .CUE files used for?
May 17Which of the following extensions is not used by vector images?
May 18Which video format was developed specifically for mobile devices?
May 19Which extension is used for Nintendo ROMs?
May 20Who is most likely to use a .PLIST file?
May 21What are .ANI files used for in Windows?
May 22Which extension does Adobe Flash use for saving projects?
May 23Which extension is not used by JPEG 2000 image files?
May 24When is an .HTACCESS file used?
May 25Visual Basic is most commonly used to create software for which platform?
May 26Which of the following is the lowest-level programming language?
May 27What type of file is a .BZ2 file?
May 28Adobe FrameMaker is used for what purpose?
May 29Which OS X version preceded OS X Yosemite?
May 30Which version of Windows preceded Windows 7?
May 31The .TAX2014 extension is used by which tax preparation software?