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Quizzes from April, 2015

April 1Which file are you most likely to see hosted on a web server?
April 2Which extension is used for Microsoft ActiveX controls?
April 3Who develops the QuickTime Movie format?
April 4Which of the following programming language is known for writing programs with compact syntax?
April 5PHP source code is typically interpreted, which means what?
April 6CHM files are used for what purpose?
April 7Adobe Flash technology was originally developed by which company?
April 8An .MPG file is what type of file?
April 9Which of the following programs uses .XLS files?
April 10What is a .CUR file used for in Windows?
April 11On which of the following platforms is an .SH file most likely used?
April 12Which file extension is used to exchange calendar data?
April 13An .EMF file might store which of the following types of data?
April 14Which is not true of temporary files?
April 15A .CFG file might store what type of data?
April 16A .CRT file is used in what context?
April 17Which of the following formats saves recorded speech audio?
April 18Who develops the SITX archive format?
April 19Which file extension is not used for storing movie subtitles?
April 20What extension does Photoshop use for large documents?
April 21The .OTF extension is used for what type of file?
April 22VCF files are used for what purpose?
April 23Xcode is used to develop software for which platform?
April 24Which format extends the PNG format to support image animations?
April 25When are you most likely to find a .MIM file?
April 26What is a typical use of a .CAB file?
April 27Which of the following platforms uses .MSI files for software installation?
April 28Which of the following formats does not use file compression?
April 29H.264 is a common codec used with which video file format?
April 30Which file extension is used for authoring iBooks?