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Quizzes from February, 2015

February 1A BDMV file is used by Blu-ray Discs for what purpose?
February 2What company develops InstallShield?
February 3Which file extension does Microsoft Access use for data files?
February 4Which version of Windows uses the extension .APPX for app package files?
February 5Help files with the extension .HLP are used by which operating system?
February 6Which Blizzard game uses the extension .MDL files for model text files that store model properties?
February 7Which company develops the program 3ds Max?
February 8Which company develops the program openCanvas?
February 9Which operating system uses the extension .INI for program settings initialization files?
February 10What type of file uses the extension .EPUB?
February 11Which program uses .F4V files?
February 12When would you most likely use a YUV file?
February 13Which is true about a Torrent file?
February 14Which company develops the Advanced Systems Format?
February 15.ASPX is an extension used by which type of file?
February 16Which extension does the Sony PSP use for theme preference files?
February 17Which of the following operating systems would use a .BAT file?
February 18What file extension does the Xfig format use?
February 19Which of the following is true about GIF files?
February 20Which operating system uses the extension .ICO for icon files?
February 21What type of file commonly has the extension .DB?
February 22The file extension .HTM can be used interchangeably with what other extension?
February 23On which operating system would you most likely find an HQX file?
February 24What is the meaning of the acronym CSS?
February 25Which of the following video formats was developed by Microsoft?
February 26What type of file uses the extension .DRV?
February 27The file extension .MIDI can be used interchangeably with which other extension?
February 28Which of the following extensions is used by a compressed file archive?