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Quizzes from January, 2015

January 1Which game uses game data files that have the extension .IWD?
January 2Why would somebody use the program Roxio Toast?
January 3Who originally developed the screen capturing application ScreenCam?
January 4In what format does Lotus 1-2-3 export PRN files?
January 5What company developed Visual Basic?
January 6Which extension might a Quake engine game map file use?
January 7On which operating system would you most likely encounter a WMV file?
January 8Which file extension do Windows Journal files use?
January 9Which of the following is a Sega Genesis emulator?
January 10Which company develops the HP-GL plotter format?
January 11What file extension does CompeGPS Land use for GPS route planning files?
January 12What type of information is commonly stored in an LNG file?
January 13Which company develops the programming language Objective-C?
January 14Which program uses the .AUTOPLAY extension for project files?
January 15What type of file is developed by Apple and uses the file extension .AIF?
January 16Which of the following extensions is used by plain text files?
January 17The templating language ERB is used with which scripting language?
January 18What is the meaning of the acronym XML?
January 19What company develops ACT! contact management software?
January 20When would someone most likely use a WAV file?
January 21What type of file uses the extension .BMP?
January 22Which of the following files is most likely not a raster image?
January 23What would be created with VRML?
January 24Which organization developed the gzip compression algorithm?
January 25What company uses the file extension .CR2 for camera raw files?
January 26What company develops the ASP file format?
January 27Which of the following extensions is commonly used for audio tracker module files?
January 28What program uses the .RA extension for audio files?
January 29What type of program is 7-Zip?
January 30What extension do Sony Ericsson mobile phones use for theme files?
January 31What company develops the Dynamic Link Library file format?