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Quizzes from December, 2014

December 1Which file extension was used by Minecraft map files prior to .MCA?
December 2Which program creates QPR files?
December 3What type of mobile phone uses files with the .THM extension?
December 4Which of the following extensions might be found on a disc image file?
December 5Which program uses the .BLW extension for black and white presets files?
December 6Which company developed Comic Chat?
December 7What is stored in a .PWL file?
December 8Which of the following extensions might be used for a GPS data file?
December 9What type of data is stored in a Microsoft VHD file?
December 10What is another way that the .TIF file extension might be found?
December 11What extension does the game M.U.G.E.N. use for 2D sprite files?
December 12Which file extension is used by Word documents that are created using the Open XML format?
December 13Which program uses plug-ins that have the extension .NBM?
December 14What extension does AutoCAD use for plotter configuration files?
December 15What company develops the DPT file format?
December 16Which company develops the program Maxwell Render?
December 17What company developed the GADGET file type?
December 18Which file extension is used by MyLogo Maker image files?
December 19Which of the following programs uses MSG files?
December 20When would somebody use Apple Keynote?
December 21Why might someone use a file with the extension .DMG?
December 22What type of program is CopperCube?
December 23What file extension does GenePix use for tab-delimited plain text files?
December 24Who would be most likely to use the program WiX toolset?
December 25Which of the following extensions is used by 3D character model files created by 3ds Max?
December 26What is the meaning of the acronym in the .RTF extension?
December 27Which program would you use to create an M4R file?
December 28Why would someone "zip" a file or folder?
December 29The extension .LRF is used by replay files for which game?
December 30Which of the following extensions is used by a font file?
December 31Which file extension is used by Adobe Illustrator Artwork?