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Quizzes from November, 2014

November 1Which company is the developer of the .XLR file extension?
November 2What type of program is MadTracker?
November 3What type of information is stored in a MIDI file?
November 4Which of the following is a compressed format?
November 5Which operating system uses HDMP files?
November 6What company created the Commodore 64 computer?
November 7Which extension is used for Winamp custom skins?
November 8Which of the following games is a first person shooter?
November 9Which file extension does Casio use for raw image files saved in its proprietary format?
November 10What is visual C++?
November 11What company develops the program VirtualDrive?
November 12What type of application is the program Spaceman?
November 13Which extension does Analysis Studio use for plain text mined data files?
November 14Which of the following would create a variable with the value of 0 in PHP?
November 15What information is saved in a .BIP file created by Character Studio?
November 16Which application creates files with the extension .FAVORITEMETADATA?
November 17What is an FSB file that is used by the modeling program Form•Z?
November 18Which file extension does Webshots Desktop use for downloaded images?
November 19Which file extension does 3ds Max use for 3D scene files?
November 20Which of the following file extensions might be used on a raster image?
November 21For what purpose is the software IBM SPSS used?
November 22Guitar Pro 4 Guitar Tablature files use which file extension?
November 23What type of program is Nero?
November 24What company develops the QTM file format?
November 25Which of the following games doesn't use MPQ files?
November 26What type of data is saved in a file that has the .PS extension?
November 27What file extension does Magic: The Gathering Online use for card deck files?
November 28When would someone use the program Daz Studio?
November 29What is a more commonly seen version of the file extension .EPSF?
November 30If an ECO file becomes corrupted, what file extension does it use?