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Quizzes from October, 2014

October 1Why would somebody use the program RapidWeaver?
October 2What company developed the game Worms Armaggeddon?
October 3What type of data is contained in a Real Audio Metadata file?
October 4Which operating system uses the extension .ETL for system event trace logs?
October 5What file extension does Word use for word processing document files?
October 6A BRD file is commonly used for what purpose?
October 7What type of program is Blueberry FlashBack?
October 8Which program uses files that have the .ROS extension?
October 9Which company develops a system that uses the extension .COMPONENT?
October 10In what year was the game Fallout 2 released?
October 11Who would be the most likely to use the program Quicken Essentials?
October 12A ROM file with the extension .SFC contains a game from which console?
October 13What file extension does EVGA Precision X use for skin files?
October 14A file with the extension .PIG stores textures used in which game?
October 15Which program creates files with the .CNG extension?
October 16What type of file uses the .PIPD extension?
October 17When would somebody use an RCPROJECT file?
October 18Which company develops AdWords?
October 19For what purpose is the program Xilinx ISE used?
October 20Which of the following extensions is used on embroidery patterns?
October 21Which company develops the program WindowBlinds?
October 22What company develops the word processor Pages?
October 23For what purpose would somebody use the program vRigger?
October 24A 32X file is a game ROM file played on which game emulator?
October 25Which type of data could be found on a file that has the extension .PHB?
October 26On which device would you find an XEX file?
October 27What extension is used by custom mission files for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas?
October 28Which file extension does Virtual CD use for disk images?
October 29Which of following might have a file extension of .PUP?
October 30Which file extension did Microsoft Word use for saved documents in 2003?
October 31Adobe Flash video files use which extension?