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Quizzes from September, 2014

September 1Which company is the developer of the DCR RAW image format?
September 2Files with the .MARKDOWN extension can also be saved with which extension?
September 3What is saved in a file with the extension .RVPROJ?
September 4What company is the developer of the MAILTOLOC email shortcut format?
September 5What type of file uses the .ZIM extension?
September 6What is the best description of an XHTML file?
September 7Who would be the most likely to use the application Embarcadero Delphi?
September 8Which operating system uses Dalvik Executable files?
September 9Which file extension does Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder for its project files?
September 10What company develops the program OpenEdge Architect?
September 11What extension is used by Ruby source code files?
September 12Which company developed the PICT format?
September 13What file extension does Finale use on back up files?
September 14What file extension does Sony use for its camera raw files?
September 15Which file would someone use for embroidery?
September 16PHP once stood for Personal Home Page but now stands for what?
September 17What type of data is not stored in an Outlook Profile?
September 18Which of the following operating systems uses the .CDB extension for database files?
September 19When would the program Edgecam be used?
September 20The extension .OPT is commonly used on files storing what type of data?
September 21What company develops the WiX localization file?
September 22Which of the following programs uses the extension .PRS for slide show presentation files?
September 23For what purpose would someone use a JEDEC file?
September 24Which of the following extensions is found on a multi-resolution zooming image?
September 25Which game uses the extension .FC2MAP on its user generated maps?
September 26What is a use of the program MindGenius?
September 27Which organization commonly uses Planetary Data System files?
September 28Which of the following programs creates a file named .buildpath?
September 29What are the mini apps called that are found on the Mac OS X Dashboard?
September 30What genre of game is Battle Realms?