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Quizzes from August, 2014

August 1A .T13 file is created by which tax software?
August 2What company is the developer of the WLMP file format?
August 3What is the purpose of a .CRX file?
August 4Which of the following programs uses a PST file?
August 5On what device would you find a file with the extension .LINX?
August 6Which file extension does MAGIX Video easy HD use for project files?
August 7When would someone use a header file?
August 8Which file extension is used on backup files for CorelDraw?
August 9Which operating system uses the extension .HLP for help files?
August 10DavkaWriter is word processor for English and what other language?
August 11What type of data is stored in an ASCII file?
August 12Which operating system uses OEM files during setup?
August 13Which version of Android used ASEC files?
August 14An FMP file is used to map fonts in what program?
August 15What format are Autodesk ASE files stored in to maximize compatibility?
August 16What extension does The Sims use for game resource archives?
August 17Which program creates MSDVD files?
August 18On what type of device might you find a file with the .MDINFO extension?
August 19What company is the developer of the IBOOKS file format?
August 20When are MUI files used by Microsoft Windows?
August 21What is the purpose of an XSL file?
August 22What file extension does LEGO Digital Designer use for 3D models?
August 23The .PVD file extension is used for 3D projects for which program?
August 24Which of the following programs is developed by Microsoft?
August 25Which of the following types of data cannot be stored in a rich text file?
August 26Which of the following file extensions are used by files for a TI-83 calculator?
August 27What company develops the PAGES file format?
August 28Which file extension does SimCity use for its saved city files?
August 29What is the file type of a file that has the extension .A?
August 30Which operating system uses APK files?
August 31Which of the following extensions is used on compressed files?