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Quizzes from June, 2014

June 1Where would you most likely find a CGI file?
June 2Which of the following programs is developed by Autodesk?
June 3What is the maximum number of colors that can be used in a GIF image?
June 4Which file extension is used on a file developed by the Joint Photographic Experts Group?
June 5When would someone use a PostScript file?
June 6What operating system uses the extension .DMP for files containing data dumped from memory?
June 7Which of the following programs creates DWG files?
June 8What do the letters stand for in the file extension .CSV?
June 9Hanword is a word processor for which language?
June 10If you found a thumbnail on your computer, what did you find?
June 11Which of the following applications use KMZ files?
June 12Which of the following browsers uses the extension .PART for partially downloaded files?
June 13Which company developed the DNG file format?
June 14What type of information does a file with the .WAV extension store?
June 15What company is the developer of the ARW file format used for raw camera images?
June 16What would be the most likely use of a PDF?
June 17CS files contain source code for which programming language?
June 18When would you use a file with the extension .GBA?
June 19Which game uses the .BSB file extension for its saved game files?
June 20Which program creates MWB files?
June 21What file extension is used for a LaTeX style?
June 22Which of the following computer games lets you create your own world out of resource blocks?
June 23What company develops PowerPoint?
June 24Which of the following file extensions would be found on a video file?
June 25In what year was the first Amazon Kindle released?
June 26What extension does a Photoshop document use?
June 27Which of the following programs is developed by Autodesk?
June 28When would you use a UNITY3D file?
June 29What information is stored in an ETL file?
June 30Which computer language does the program Book Designer use to layout pages in eBooks?