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Quizzes from April, 2014

April 1What type of data would not be contained in an .EPS file?
April 2What would an AMR file most likely contain?
April 3What company made the .HTM file extension come into use with their web development software?
April 4A file with an .M4A extension is created in what format?
April 5What type of file has the .WPD extension?
April 6What operating system uses DMP files?
April 7What company developed the DWG file format?
April 8What is the file extension that replaced .PPT in PowerPoint 2007?
April 9What type of document would be saved with an .ODS extension?
April 10What is the name of the company that developed the DjVu image format?
April 11What program uses files with the .CRX extension?
April 12What type of content is stored in a TIF file?
April 13Which program is able to open a .RAR file?
April 14What is the purpose of an .EXE file?
April 15Why would you use an .EML file?
April 16Which of the following programs is created by Corel?
April 17An .XPI file is used by which of the following programs?
April 18Which file extension is not used by text documents?
April 19Which of the following programs creates .SWF files?
April 20A .YUV file stores what type of data?
April 21When would someone use an .INDD file?
April 22Who would be most likely to use a .CPP file?
April 23What is the purpose of a .CER file?
April 24In what year did Apple introduce the PICT file format?
April 25What organization was integral in the development of the SVG image format?
April 26What type of data would you find in a .OGG file?
April 27In what year did the PDF format change from being a proprietary format to an open standard?
April 28What program uses .RTC files?
April 29Why do computers create .BAK files?
April 30What is the most common file format used to publish photos to the internet?