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Quizzes from March, 2014

March 1Why would a person use the program Microsoft Outlook?
March 2What does the file extension .CFM stand for?
March 3When would a .DEB file be used?
March 4A .THEMEPACK file is used by which operating system?
March 5What kind of script would not be found in an .ASP document?
March 6What image format is commonly used to publish photographs on the internet?
March 7Dynamic link libraries provide shared system functions for programs running on what operating system?
March 8How are rich text files different than plain text files?
March 9Why would somebody use Microsoft PowerPoint?
March 10Who developed the AIFF format?
March 11What device would likely use an .AZW file?
March 12Which file extension would be found on a web page archive file created by Internet Explorer?
March 13Who would be the most likely to use an XLSX file?
March 14What type of media does a VOB file originate from?
March 15A TAX2013 file is associated with what program?
March 16Which file does not contain data formatted in XML?
March 17What is a common use of HTML?
March 18Which program is not used to play audio files?
March 19When would an MP3 file most likely be used?
March 20What company's cameras create raw image files with the .ARW extension?
March 21A GIF is what type of file?
March 22Who was the original developer of the FLV file format?
March 23Which file extension would you most likely find on files saved in a digital camera?
March 24What is the file type of a file with the extension .DDS?
March 25What browser uses the .CRDOWNLOAD file extension for downloads that are in progress?
March 26What is a file with a .SIT extension?
March 27Which file can be opened with Microsoft Word?
March 28Which file extension is not associated with Google Chrome?
March 29What company created the program Illustrator?
March 30A .WEBLOC file is a website shortcut used on which operating system?
March 31What would a GED file most likely be used for?