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Quizzes from February, 2014

February 1What operating system uses the .APP file extension for applications?
February 2Which of the following file extensions is not associated with a specific program?
February 3When was the PostScript format first published?
February 4The .WEBSITE file extension would be found at the end of what type of file?
February 5Which of the following files might store an exact copy of a physical disc?
February 6What does a .PART file indicate?
February 7The .DJVU format was developed for what purpose?
February 8The QuarkXPress project file extension .QXD was later changed to what?
February 9Who would be most likely to use a YAML document?
February 10A .NOMEDIA file would most likely be found on a device running which OS?
February 11What is the primary use of a .TORRENT file?
February 12Which video format would likely be distributed on the Internet with HTML5?
February 13What company developed the Windows Media file format?
February 14What type of data does an .MPA file contain?
February 15What file extension would not be recognized by a video game emulator?
February 16What program saves files with a .PSD file extension?
February 17What type of data does a .LOG file contain?
February 18What software application creates .ODT files?
February 19What type of file has a .COM extension?
February 20When does a Mac access a .KEYCHAIN file?
February 21Which of the following file extensions is associated with vector images?
February 22What does RSS stand for?
February 23Which of the following extensions would not be found at the end of a compressed file?
February 24What program creates a .WPD file?
February 25Which of the following is not an extension used for a disk image file?
February 26A .CLASS file would most likely be used by whom for what?
February 27Which file extension would most likely be found on a file containing information used to restore data?
February 28Which of the following files is Microsoft Word not able to read?