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Quizzes from January, 2014

January 1What company developed the PDF format?
January 2What file extension replaced .DOC in the 2007 version of Microsoft Word?
January 3Which of the following Apple programs is used to create presentations?
January 4Which of the following file extensions is not associated with a camera raw format?
January 5Which of the following file formats is used to save vector image data?
January 6What is the technical name for a device specifically designed to view eBook files?
January 7Which of the following file formats stores data in a plain text format?
January 8Which of the following file extensions is not used by ASP.NET?
January 9Which of the following file extensions identifies a compressed file archive?
January 10What type of software program is After Effects?
January 11What operating system supports .DFONT files?
January 12Which of the following file extensions is not associated with a disk image file type?
January 13Which Adobe program is designed specifically to create vector graphics?
January 14What Microsoft program is built for creating and managing spreadsheets?
January 15What software program creates .QXP files?
January 16Which of the following image formats supports layers?
January 17Which file extension may be used to indicate the first file of a split archive?
January 18Who would be most likely to create a CSS file?
January 19What camera raw file extension is not associated with a specific camera manufacturer?
January 20What file extension do iTunes Plus songs have?
January 21What file extension do Minecraft level files use?
January 22What font file extension is specific to the Windows operating system?
January 23Which of the following Microsoft programs has been discontinued?
January 24The GEDCOM format was developed to store what type of data?
January 25What type of data does a .MOBI file contain?
January 26Which of the following file extensions are not supported by Autodesk AutoCAD?
January 27An .ABBU file stores a backup of data created by what program?
January 28Besides preference files, what common file type uses the .PRF extension?
January 29Which of the following file extensions represents a partial file?
January 30What file extension can be used in place of .HTML?
January 31What type of program is WinRAR?