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Q: Is there a desktop gadget for Windows?

A: Yes, provides a desktop gadget for Windows Vista and Windows 7.

File Extension Lookup Desktop Gadget

About the Desktop Gadget

The File Extension Lookup Desktop Gadget (also known as a "sidebar gadget") allows you to look up file extensions directly from the Windows desktop. Simply drag a file to the gadget or type a file extension in the search box and press Enter. Information about the extension will immediately load in your default Web browser.

Dowloading the Gadget

To download the gadget, click the download link below.

Download Download the File Extension Lookup Desktop Gadget

Version 1.1 (17.7KB) Released 2/9/2011

Installing the Gadget

Once you click the link above, your Web browser may ask you what you want to do with the file. Make sure to select Open as in the example below.

Open or Save File

Windows may also warn you that the publisher could not be verified. This is because there is no digital signature provided with the file. Windows will display this warning when you attempt to install most third-party (non-Microsoft) gadgets. In order to install the desktop gadget, click Install.

Install this Gadget

Using the Gadget

When you first install the gadget, it will immediately appear on the Windows desktop. If you close the gadget, you can open it again by launching the Desktop Gadget Gallery program and double-clicking the "File Info" gadget.

When the gadget is open, you can look up file extension information using one of the following methods:

  1. Drag a file onto the gadget.
  2. Type a file extension in the text field and press Enter.

When you perform either of these actions, information about the corresponding file extension will load in your Web browser.

System Requirements

  • This gadget requires either Microsoft Windows Vista or Microsoft Windows 7


If you have any questions regarding the installation or usage of the File Extension Lookup Desktop Gadget, please contact

Updated: February 3, 2012