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.VHD File Extension

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File TypeVirtual PC Virtual Hard Disk
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CategoryDisk Image Files
File Format Description

Hard disk image file used by Microsoft Windows Virtual PC; stores data within a single file that acts as an individual hard disk; may be used to install multiple operating systems on a single computer, test software programs, or run older applications.

The VHD Image Format Specification has been available as a royalty-free license since June, 2005.

NOTE: You can examine the contents of a VHD file manually by using 7-Zip.

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Updated 6/29/2012

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VHDL Source File
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CategoryDeveloper Files
File Format Description

Source file written in VHDL, which stands for Very High Speed Integrated Circuits (VHSIC) Hardware Description Language (HDL); often used for automating the design of electrical circuits and components.

Electronic engineers can use VHDL to describe hardware components in a text-based format. This description can then be used to manufacture a physical circuit such as a motherboard, processor, or memory module.

Program(s) that open .VHD files
Updated 1/10/2012