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.TXZ File Extension

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XZ Compressed Tar Archive Icon
File TypeXZ Compressed Tar Archive
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CategoryCompressed Files
File Format Description

Archive created with Tar and XZ utilities; contains one or more files first archived using Tar and then compressed using XZ compression; compressed using a high compression ratio.

Beginning with Slackware 13, TXZ files are used to distribute Slackware Linux packages. They can be opened using various Slackware package management tools, including pkgtool and installpkg.

Due to the high compression ratio, TXZ files are typically smaller in size than .TGZ files.

Program(s) that open .TXZ files
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7-Zip Icon 7-Zip
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Icon Tukaani XZ UtilsExternal Link
Icon Tukaani XZ Embedded
Icon Slackware pkgtool
Icon Slackware installpkg
Icon Slackware upgradepkg
Icon Slackware slackpkg
Updated 2/23/2010