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.TVPI File Extension

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File TypeTitanTV Television Listing File

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This file is saved in an XML format. You can view the XML structure and contents of the file in a text editor.


File format used by TitanTV, a Web-based television listings service; contains television program data such as program title, program description, episode title, station, channel, start and end time, duration, and media destination.

More Information

TVPI files are subscribed to by computer television programs and PVRs to display and record future television listings. In-progress television listings are stored with the .TVVI extension. TVPI files use XML format.

Programs that open TVPI files
Microsoft Windows LogoWindows
Hauppauge Computer Works WinTV-PVR
NVIDIA Personal Cinema
Mac OS X LogoMac
Elgato EyeTV
Formac Elektronik watchandgo USB2
Updated 6/10/2015