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.SVN-BASE File Extension

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File TypeSubversion Base File

DeveloperThe Apache Project
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CategoryDeveloper Files
FormatText and Binary

Text and Binary

This file is saved in a plain text format or a binary format. If in a plain text format, it can be viewed with a text editor.


File created by Subversion, an open source version control system; stores a base copy of a file that is checked out from the Subversion repository; used to compare the working copy of a project file against its latest checked out version.

More Information

Subversion creates SVN-BASE files locally on the developer's computer when files are checked out from the repository. This allows Subversion to compare changes to files locally without having to re-fetch them from the remote repository. In this manner, SVN-BASE files are like a cache.

SVN-BASE files are stored within a .SVN hidden directory of a Subversion project. They typically are hidden by default within IDEs that integrate with Subversion.

Programs that open SVN-BASE files
Eclipse IDE for Java Developers with Subclipse plug-in
Microsoft Visual Studio with VisualSVN plug-in
Eclipse IDE for Java Developers with Subclipse plug-in
Eclipse IDE for Java Developers with Subclipse plug-in
Updated 1/4/2011

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