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.SDR File Extension

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File Type 1Dell Support File

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CategoryMisc Files


This file is saved in a plain text format. You can open and view the contents of this file using a text editor.


File named dell.sdr and located on Dell computers in the C:\ directory; contains system information and is used by Dell technical support purposes; should not be manually edited or deleted or any requests for Dell support may not work properly.

More Information

The presence of the dell.sdr file means that the computer is using a Dell-installed version of Windows.

Programs that open SDR files
Updated 6/20/2012

File Type 2SmartDraw Drawing

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CategoryRaster Image Files


This file is saved in a binary format, which requires a specific program to read its contents.


Drawing created with SmartDraw, a program used to create professional diagrams; stores one of 70 different types of drawings, such as a flowchart, project plan, calendar, organizational chart, mind map, or floor plan; used in business environments to create professional-quality visuals.

More Information

SmartDraw can import Microsoft Visio drawings (.VSD files), and can export SDR files directly into opened Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Project files.

Programs that open SDR files
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Updated 5/20/2010