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.SBV File Extension

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File Type
This file is saved in a plain text format.
Therefore, you can view the contents of the file in a text editor.
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YouTube Captions File
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CategorySettings Files
File Format Description

File used by YouTube videos to display subtitles or closed captions; contains one or more captions in a plain text format; specifies an ID, start and end time (using an H:MM:SS.000 format), and text for each caption.

SBV files are used to display text captions at specified times during video playback. They are similar to .SUB and .SRT files.

Program(s) that open .SBV files
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Mac OS
Icon SynchriMedia MovCaptioner
Updated 2/16/2010

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File TypeSuperbase Form Definition File
DeveloperSuperbase Developers
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CategoryPage Layout Files
File Format Description

Form definiton file used by SuperBase, a program used for developing client/server applications; contains a graphical layout definition for a form; used to format reports, tables, and user interfaces that are populated from a Superbase database.

Program(s) that open .SBV files
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Icon Superbase Classic
Icon Superbase Scientific
Icon Superbase SB Next Generation Workbench
Updated 1/19/2010