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.RBZ File Extension

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File TypeSketchUp Plug-in

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CategoryPlugin Files


This file is saved in a zipped format. You can view the contents by unzipping it with a file decompression program.


Plugin file used by SketchUp, a 3D modeling program used for computer-aided design (CAD); stores one or more Ruby scripts (.RB files) that are compressed with .ZIP compression; useful for reducing the size of SketchUp plugins when distributing and installing them.

More Information

SketchUp 8 was the first version to allow compressed RBZ plugin files. You can install them by following these steps:

  1. Choose Window → Preferences.
  2. Select "Extensions."
  3. Click Install Extension and choose your RBZ file from the open dialog.

NOTE: RBZ files can be restored to the original Ruby scripts by unzipping them.

Programs that open RBZ files
Trimble SketchUp
Trimble SketchUp
Updated 10/4/2013