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.PART File Extension

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File TypePartially Downloaded File

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CategoryMisc Files
FormatText and Binary

Text and Binary

This file is saved in a plain text format or a binary format. If in a plain text format, it can be viewed with a text editor.

What is a PART file?

A PART file is a partially downloaded file from the Internet. It is used for downloads that are in progress or have been stopped. Some PART files can be resumed at a later time using the same program that started the download.

More Information

PART files are used by several file transfer programs, including Go!Zilla, eMule, and the discontinued eDonkey program.

If you are using Skype on a Mac and a PART file keeps reappearing, move the file to the trash and make sure it's the only file in the trash. Then, right-click the "Trash" icon, hold the "Command" key, select Secure Empty Trash, and verify that the trash is empty. Now, when you reopen Skype, the PART file should no longer reappear.

NOTE: To resume a PART file download with FlashGet, you may need to rename the extension to .JC.

Programs that open PART files
Microsoft Windows LogoWindows
Free Download Manager
DrSiRiUs eMule Plus
Headlight Go!Zilla
Mozilla Firefox
Mac OS X LogoMac
Mozilla Firefox
Linux LogoLinux
Mozilla Firefox
Updated 5/24/2016