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.MVR File Extension

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File TypeIBM HotMedia Multimedia File
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CategoryWeb Files
File Format Description

Published multimedia file created by HotMedia, an older program used to develop Web animations; stores a multimedia package, including video and audio files, animation settings, and Java .CLASS files required to play the animation.

HotMedia MVR files were designed for low-bandwidth Internet connections. They load and run in a Web browser within a Java applet called the IBM HotMedia player. Some websites still have MVR files, but multimedia audio and video are much more commonly provided by Flash technology or RealPlayer video (.RM and .RA files).

IBM, the developer of HotMedia, no longer supports the software. The last version of the software, version 3.5, was released in 2000. However, it is no longer available for download.

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Updated 1/20/2011