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.IV File Extension

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File TypeOpen Inventor Scene Graph File
DeveloperVisualization Sciences Group
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Category3D Image Files
File Format Description

Scene graph file created by Open Inventor, an object-oriented toolkit used for developing 3D scenes and animations; saved in a text format and contains "nodes," "fields," and their connections and properties; used to describe 3D objects and to compile them together into a scene.

IV files can be used to customize various 3D elements, such as geometry, lighting, cameras, textures, sequencing, and color. There are several prefabricated shapes that can be customized in IV files, including cones, cubes, cylinders, spheres, 2D text, and 3D text.

Open Inventor was originally developed by Silicon Graphics International (SGI), who released an open source version. SGI opened it for third party licensing, and now it is maintained commercially by the Visualization Sciences Group (VSG).

Open Inventor is built on top of OpenGL and is intended to provide a higher layer of abstraction for 3D programming.

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Updated 1/17/2012