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.FS File Extension

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File Type 1Visual F# Source File

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CategoryDeveloper Files


This file is saved in a plain text format. You can open and view the contents of this file using a text editor.


Source code file written in Microsoft's F# (pronounced "F Sharp") programming language, which is a variant of the ML language; can be written using the Visual F# component of Microsoft Visual Studio 2010; used for compiling F# code into .DLL or .EXE program executables.

More Information

F# is designed for use with Microsoft's .NET library and tools. It was formally introduced with Microsoft's 2010 release of Visual Studio.

Programs that open FS files
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Microsoft Visual Studio 2015
Updated 7/7/2010

File Type 2Mac OS X File System Plug-in

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CategoryPlugin Files


File format categories include Binary, Text, XML, and Zip. The format of this file type has not been determined.


Plugin that enables support for a certain file system in Mac OS X; allows the Mac operating system to recognize hard drives and other media formatted with different file systems.

More Information

Examples of file system plugins include "hfs.fs," "msdos.fs," and "cd9660.fs." Each FS file is saved as a Mac OS X bundle, but is defined as a plugin. They are stored by default in the "/System/Library/Filesystems" directory.

NOTE: FS files should not be opened manually since they are system files.

Programs that open FS files
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Apple OS X
Updated 1/13/2015

File Type 3FlexiSIGN Document

DeveloperSA International
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CategoryVector Image Files


This file is saved in a binary format, which requires a specific program to read its contents.


Image file created by one of SAi's Flexi FAMILY software products; stores the text, graphics, dimensions, and plotting properties for a sign; used for printing banners and other signs on large-scale plotters and cutters; can be exported as a .PDF or .EPS file using the software.

More Information

Flexi FAMILY products include FlexiSIGN, FlexiSIGN-PRO, FlexiEXPERT, FlexiPRINT & CUT, FlexiLETTER, FlexiDESIGNER, FlexiENGRAVE, and FlexiENGRAVE-PRO.

Programs that open FS files
Updated 6/22/2010