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.DASH File Extension

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File TypeMPEG-DASH Video File
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CategoryVideo Files
File Format Description

Video file created for high quality video playback on sites such as YouTube and Netflix; contains HTTP based segments of media content, such as .MP4 files, that are encoded with different bit rates in order to keep a video playing through changing network conditions.

DASH (Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP) files are distributed over the DASH protocol. When clients, like web browsers, play back the DASH encoded content, they select the DASH file segments with the appropriate bitrate to avoid rebuffering and stalls. They choose the bitrate based on the current performance of the network, e.g., how well your devices are receiving the Internet.

The RealPlayer Downloader automatically plays DASH files as MP4 files after downloading. DASHEncoder is an open program used to create content in the DASH format.

NOTE: If you have a DASH file on your computer, it is similar to a .PART file because it is incomplete. The file may need to be combined with other DASH files in order to be played.

Program(s) that open .DASH files
Updated 1/13/2014

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File TypeDashlane Profile
DeveloperDashlane, Inc.
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CategoryBackup Files
File Format Description

File created by Dashlane, a program used for password management, saving confidential data, and making secure online payments; contains user data and other information which the user stores securely in Dashlane.

DASH files are created automatically by the Dashlane program itself. They may also be manually exported by the user for the backup purposes.

In Windows, DASH files may be found in the following directory:


In Mac OS X, DASH files can be accessed in the directory:

~/Library/Application Support/Dashlane/profiles

NOTE: Since OS X 10.7 Lion, this folder is hidden by default.

Program(s) that open .DASH files
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