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.CPIO File Extension

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File TypeUnix CPIO Archive

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CategoryEncoded Files


This file is saved in a binary format, which requires a specific program to read its contents.


File archive created in the Unix CPIO (Copy In, Copy Out) format, an uncompressed file container format used for grouping files together; similar to a .TAR archive and can be compressed into a .CPGZ file using Gzip compression.

More Information

The "ditto" BSD utility can be used to create and extract CPIO files. For example, ditto -c creates a CPIO archive. The Java Commons Compress API can also be used for creating and extracting CPIO archives.

Programs that open CPIO files
Microsoft Windows LogoWindows
Apache Commons Compress
Mac OS X LogoMac
Apple Archive Utility
Incredible Bee Archiver
Apache Commons Compress
Linux LogoLinux
GNU cpio
Apache Commons Compress
Updated 9/9/2015